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New Builds

Design and Build service

Building a home is a major decision, and finding a trustworthy and reliable contractor is crucial. As an qualified and experienced builders, we constantly strive to enhance our services. When you choose us, we'll collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your expectations and needs.


Whether its a granny flat, a secondary dwelling or a full new build with your own designs, whatever the idea, we can bring your ideas to life.  

From design and consent to coordinating every aspect of the project, we handle it all. You can trust us to seamlessly manage the entire process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Let us take care of everything while you watch your dream home come to life!

Our services include:

  1. Design Consultation: Collaboration to design a home that suits your unique style, preferences, and needs.

  2. Architectural Planning: Create detailed architectural plans that encompass every aspect of your new home, from layout to aesthetics.

  3. Consent Acquisition: We can help with the necessary consents and approvals to ensure a smooth and compliant construction process.

  4. Site Preparation: Clearing and preparing the construction site, including excavation and foundation work.

  5. Foundation Construction: Building a strong and reliable foundation to support your home's structure.

  6. Framing: Erecting the framework of your home, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

  7. Exterior Finishing: Installing roofing, siding, windows, and doors to create a weather-resistant and visually appealing exterior.

  8. Interior Design: Selecting and implementing interior finishes, fixtures, and materials to reflect your personal style.

  9. Plumbing and Electrical Work: Installing plumbing, wiring, and fixtures to ensure efficient utilities throughout your home.

  10. HVAC Installation: Setting up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for optimal comfort.

  11. Insulation and Drywall: Adding insulation for energy efficiency and installing drywall to create interior partitions.

  12. Interior Finishing: Applying final touches, including paint, flooring, cabinetry, and countertops.

  13. Quality Control: Rigorous inspections at various stages to ensure construction meets high standards.

  14. Landscaping: Creating an outdoor oasis with landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor features.

  15. Final Walkthrough: A comprehensive walkthrough to address any final details and ensure your satisfaction.

  16. Warranty: Providing warranties to assure the quality and durability of your new home.


We're committed to delivering excellence at every stage of the new home building process. From concept to completion, we're your partner in crafting a home that reflects your aspirations and surpasses your expectations.



From your initial ideas, through to completion we can help you every step of the way

Design and Build Process

Initial phone call The first step of working together is to reach out to us. Through a series of phone calls, we will go over the general scope of your project to see if we are a good fit. We’ll discuss timelines and budgets, and ask for pictures of your current space. From there, we will then schedule a visit to your home. ​ Site Visit We'll come out to your home or business to meet you and see your space. We’ll also talk more in-depth on what your vision is. This helps us to have a better understanding of your project and make sure we are on the same page so that we can move on to the next step – the design phase. Design Phase We work very closely with design professionals to maximize your budget with the fewest unknowns and to eliminate design blunders. We determine globally what you want, then work backwards from there. This helps to minimize changes that can be very costly and unnecessarily extend the timeline of your project. The Design Phase is also where we will determine if other things like geotech reports, engineering input, asbestos survey's and council consents need to be done and explore the best solutions we can with minimal impact on your budget. ​ Construction agreement A construction agreement is a requirement under the NZ Building regulations and is a detailed and specific document to make sure we are all clear on the expectations of your project. We treat every project as if it were our own. We would never expect you to sign something that you didn’t wholly agree with and understand. We sign it when all parties are thoroughly confident in the designated framework of their investment, including estimated costs and timeline, all design details, and a full understanding of what to expect during the Construction Phase. ​ Construction Phase Then it’s time for us to get to work! As we start to build out your space, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you to make the Construction Phase easy on your daily life. We can’t wait for you to have your updated home just as much as you can’t wait to live in it! Once this is over… get ready to invite your friends over to see your brand new space!

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