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Minimal Bathroom

Bathroom renovations

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and comfort with a bathroom renovation.

From sleek modern makeovers to timeless and classic designs, we can bring your bathroom dreams to life.

We will work closely with you to create a personalized oasis that suits your taste and needs. Whether it's updating fixtures, revamping the layout, or enhancing the overall ambiance, we're here to make your bathroom renovation a seamless and satisfying experience. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new with our bathroom renovation solutions.

From waterleak repairs to full bathroom renovations
NO job is too big or too small

Below are some of the services we offer to be tailored to meet specific bathroom renovation goals and budget constraints.

  1. Fixture Replacement: Upgrading faucets, showerheads, sinks, and toilets for improved functionality and aesthetics.

  2. Tiling: Installing new floor and wall tiles to refresh the bathroom's look and enhance durability.

  3. Bathtub and Shower Installation: Installing or replacing bathtubs or showers, including options like walk-in showers, spa tubs, and more.

  4. Vanity Installation: Adding new vanities or replacing existing ones, often with modern designs and additional storage options.

  5. Cabinetry: Customising or replacing bathroom cabinets for improved organisation and style.

  6. Plumbing: Updating or rerouting plumbing systems for better efficiency and water conservation.

  7. Lighting: Enhancing the bathroom's ambiance with improved lighting fixtures and options.

  8. Ventilation: Installing or upgrading ventilation systems to prevent mold and maintain air quality.

  9. Countertop Replacement: Installing new countertops with materials like granite, marble, or quartz for a touch of luxury.

  10. Painting: Refreshing the bathroom's color scheme with new paint or wallpaper.

  11. Accessibility Features: Incorporating features like grab bars, non-slip flooring, and barrier-free showers for improved accessibility.

  12. Electrical Work: Adding or upgrading electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures for convenience and safety.

  13. Storage Solutions: Designing and installing storage solutions like shelves, cabinets, and built-in niches.

  14. Heating and Radiant Flooring: Installing underfloor heating or radiant floor systems for added comfort.

  15. Custom Design: Creating a unique and personalized bathroom design that reflects your style and preferences.

  16. Full Gut Renovation: Complete overhaul of the bathroom, including structural changes, to create a brand-new space.

  17. Project Management: Coordinating all aspects of the renovation, including scheduling, consents, and subcontractor management.



Bathroom renovation Process

Initial phone call The first step of working together is to reach out to us. Through a series of phone calls, we will go over the general scope of your project to see if we are a good fit. We’ll discuss timelines and budgets, and ask for pictures of your current space. From there, we will then schedule a visit to your home. Home Visit We'll come out to your home to meet you and see your space. We’ll also talk more in-depth on what your vision is. This helps us to have a better understanding of your project and make sure we are on the same page so that we can move on to the next step – the design. Design Phase We work very closely with design professionals to maximize your budget with the fewest unknowns and to eliminate design blunders. We determine globally what you want, then work backwards from there. This helps to minimize changes that can be very costly and unnecessarily extend the timeline of your project. The Design Phase is also where we will define things like geotech survey's and council consents that will need to be done. Construction agreement A construction agreement is a requirement under the NZ Building regulations and is a very detailed and specific document to make sure we are all clear on the expectations of your project. We treat every project – every home – as if it were our own. We would never expect you to sign something that you didn’t wholly agree with and understand. We sign it when all parties are thoroughly confident in the designated framework of their investment, including estimated costs and timeline, all design details, and a full understanding of what to expect during the Construction Phase. Construction Phase Then it’s time for us to get to work! As we start to build out your space, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you to make the Construction Phase easy on your daily life. We can’t wait for you to have your updated home just as much as you can’t wait to live in it! Once this is over… get ready to invite your friends over to see your brand new space!

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